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Everything's for the wine
and culture

We are a vintners association representing 84 wineries of Baja California region. We have 33 years of experience in the promotion of the wine growing industry of Baja California and we organize events and activities promoting the wine culture.


It’s essential for us to represent an identity attached to the primary productive sectors and with this connect through different educational and community actions to contribute to the development of our region.


We organize several activities directed to attract audience to Baja California, specially in the harvest season, to show the goodness of the native land of Ensenada and promote the work of the agriculturists that make of these valleys our identity.


With meticulous quality we spread the wine culture as well as the consumption of distinctive ingredients and products of the area, while we keep vigil for a sustainable development executing mechanisms that allow us to reduce the ecological impact of our events.


It is very important to create platforms the allow not only the promotion of the wine consumption culture, but to expose different topics with the same importance such as:
agroecology, water and natural resources managment, sustainable tourism and more.


With the objective of having a social approaching Provino Comunitario emerges; a series of programs directed to Guadalupe Valley’s habitants that allows them being aware and develop harmoniously through art and culture.


The growth of the wine making sector has been exponential and Provino has had an important role so that the bajacalifornian wine have a preponderant place on a national and international level. Currently we join more than 50 cellars of the Ensenada’s valleys.

Our Story

With the mission of
promoting the wines of Baja California, México.

The wine history in Mexico evidently starts with the conquest. In the Baja Californian Peninsula the arrival of the Jesuits at the start of the XVIII century set the tone in the vine growing until they were replaced by the franciscans and finally by the dominicos around the half of the XVIII century, who continued with this activity and opened new missions.
They were grounded on the zone that today is known as “The wine route”: The San Vicente Ferrer’s mission, founded in 1780 in the San Vicente’s Valley; the Santo Tomas de Aquino’s mission, founded by father Fray Jose Loriente between 1791 and 1794 in the Santo Tomas’ Valley; and the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe’s mission, buited between 1834 and 1840 in the Guadalupe’s Valley.
The Santo Tomas de Aquino’s mission was abandoned on 1849. The estate was bought by Francisco Andonaegui and Miguel Omart in 1888 who founded Bodegas de Santo Tomas, Baja California’s first winery.
The arrival of the russians molokans to the Guadalupe’s Valley was another event that inevitably contributed cultural value. At first, they cultivated wheat and Barley for personal* consumption, however, they were forced to experiment with different crops and and towards the year of 1917 the first russian vineyard was planted on the Guadalupe’s Valley.
Thanks to the promulgation of the law that banned the fabrication and selling of alcoholic drinks in United States, the Baja Califonia’s economy was favored with an increase on tourism and with the orders of the vid derived drinks, at the same time new wineries emerge.
By 1950 there were around 12 wineries in Baja California. The companies that were already producing wine industrially were: Bodegas de Santo Tomás, Bodegas Miramar, Bodegas Terrasola (Formex Ybarra) y Bodegas Urbiñón in the Ensenada’s Valleys; Vinícola Regional, Bodegas Cetto y Bodegas Murúa Martínez in Tijuana; Bodegas de Rancho Viejo, La Providencia y Vinícola de Tecate in Tecate.
Between 1960 and 1970 the big wine companies were established in the Ensenada’s valleys: Casa Domecq and L.A. Cetto. Despite the economic crisis in the country, the international competition and the elevated taxation, an exceptional phenom emerges in Baja California. Even when a few wineries disappear, another tiny wineries oriented to produce quality wines born in Ensenada in the early 90’s such as: Monte Xanic, Casa de Piedra, Château Camou, Viñas de Liceaga, Cavas Valmar, Mogor Badán and Vinos Bibayoff.
Nowadays, our valleys harbor more than a hundred wine houses; high technology winemaking projects, refining in their process and an excellent quality on their wines, characteristics that have led Baja California to position as the most prolific zone of the National wine culture.
Conservation and development

of Baja California's wine

We are proudly the owners of the trade mark of the traditional “Fiestas de la Vendimia”; celebrations that are held for 25 days (july-august) were the most important wineries of the zone, international chefs and the most prestigious restaurants in Mexico reunite.